Careers at Xambala

Occupy Wall Street meets Revenge of The Nerds

The old way of doing things on Wall Street has passed. We don't just talk about it, we are actively changing the system from within. We find ways of making markets more efficient, code it into our algorithms, and let our machines do the trading.

To succeed in our environment requires a strong intellect, problem solving skills, and creativity. We look for people with advanced degrees in Computer Science, Engineering, Math or Science.

We're unconventional.

No other firm in Silicon Valley does what we do. No other trading firm has our technical depth.

We collaborate.

We succeed as a team. Everyone knows what's going on and everyone has a role to play in our success.

We have fun.

We enjoy what we do, we do it well, and we have fun along the way.

We believe in fair, open, and competitive capital markets.

Electronic trading has revolutionized markets by making them transparent and competitive. Technology improves liquidity, depth and transaction costs for all market participants and we play an important role in improving the quality of markets.

Open Positions

  • Research Engineer
  • Software Engineer

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